Shoulder Support Brace for Men and Women Athletic | Orthopedic Care Shoulder Brace for Torn Rotator Cuff | Right and Left Shoulder Compression Sleeve | Labrum Tear | Bursitis Pain

  • Unisex design, fits both left & right shoulder – The unisex design of orthopedic care shoulder brace perfectly fits right and left shoulders. Easy to put on and adjust to the right size. The adjustable straps and buckles make the right and left shoulder brace fit you perfectly

  • Pressure pad for cold or hot therapy pack – Choose the level of compression and add cold or hot therapy pack to the pressure pad. The mens shoulder brace dulls the pain and provides relief and speeds up recovery.

  • Durable materials & Innovative design – Uswellcare rotator cuff brace offers best quality and result. Strong, durable materials of the left & right shoulder brace for men & women protects shoulder from further injury, fixes the injured shoulder.

  • Breathable neoprene for highest comfort – Thanks to the breathable materials and proper circulation of air, the The rotator cuff support brace give best result in the shortest time. It doesn’t cause discomfort like sweating and overheating of the injured part.

  • Lifetime guarantee – No doubt you will get the best service and highest quality. Click ADD TO CART Button. Get your shoulder athletic brace now!


  • Have you ever suffered from shoulder pain? This may happen while doing all types of sports or at the gym. The pain you feel can sometimes be unbearable, this is when you need such stabilizer as Uswellcare healing orthopedic shoulder brace.

  • The Uswellcare upgraded the design of the shoulder support brace offers excellent stability and compression. This special modification of the shoulder support for men and women is the first aid for those who suffered from shoulders injury.

  • The first step to recovery is to provide optimal fixation of the injured or dislocated shoulder. The shoulder brace for men and women proved itself as highly effective method in addressing all types of muscle and joint inflammations such as: bursitis, tendonitis, arthritis, fractures, labrum tears, shoulder pains, instabilities.

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