• Easy Adjustable: The FY Posture Corrector and Back Support Brace is designed for comfort and ease of use. Other posture correctors claim to be "self adjusting" but require the flexibility of a yoga instructor to adjust. Our unique loop design fixes this problem and makes adjusting a breeze. The straps can adjust from a 25 to 53 inch chest in only seconds.
  • Comfortable: We use on the the highest quality materials to provide you with long lasting comfort all while correcting poor posture and giving clavicle support. Our product is designed with breathable washable fabric to give a more natural feel. Start by wearing the posture corrector in 15-20 minute increments. After your body has adjusted to its new posture, gradually increase the time until you can wear it all day.
  • Discreet: Other posture correctors are made with bulky materials and thick straps. The FY posture corrector brace is designed to be truly unnoticeable by removing the large backpack style buckles found on some posture correctors and utilizing a more ergonomic design.
  • Versatile: Acts as a shoulder straightener instantly decreasing hunch and hump back symptoms associated with lordosis and kyphosis. . This Adjustable mid thoracic support brace provides orthopedic pain relief and corrects "forward head" posture associated with long hours of computer and desk work. Can be worn while sitting in the office, at the gym, at school, on the job, or while driving for long periods of time.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Your satisfaction is our success. Our Posture corrector is backed by our manufacturer 30 day money back guarantee with 1 year free replacement warranty.

Orthopedic Posture Corrector for Women, Men & Kids by Crestview Sports - Comfort

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    Manufacturer :FY Posture

    Brand :FY Posture