• EASY TO PUT ON – Adjustable posture brace corrector for men and women is built with easy-pull straps that allow you to put on the brace without struggling or requiring the help of others. The Posture corrector supports chest sizes up to 42 inches.
  • MAXIMUM COMFORT – Premium quality suade posture corrector designed to allow you to wear without any discomfort especially under the arms. The straps feauture a triple wide breathable soft foam padding that will help keep your shoulders aligned and have good posture during use and allow cool air flow during exercise.
  • STRONGER SUPPORT DESIGN - Features a figure 8 brace buckle and easy-pull strap mechanism to correct your posture and keep your neck and shoulders aligned and upright. It is important to keep your spine in neurtral position to reduce any lower back pain, bulging disc issues, and other injuries related to poor posture.
  • MAINTAIN BETTER POSTURE – Our back support and shoulder alignment brace will help improve your posture even after you stop using it and help align shoulders, relieve neck pain, relieve shoulder pain, improve walking, and promote blood circulation all to help you keep and maintain spine neutrality during exercise, desk work, household chores, and more.

Posture Corrector Clavicle Support Brace to Improve Posture, Prevent Shoulder Sl


    Brand name :FY Posture

    Manufacturer :FY Posture