• ACTIVE SUPPORT - Comfortable and targeted lower back and lumber support, injury protection, and pain relief during active swinging, rotational, and twisting movements; premium back brace designed specifically for skiers and snowboarders; allows for full range of motion
  • MAINTAIN FORM - Four built-in stabilization supports along bottom of spine help maintain proper posture and form for better control, balance, and optimal performance during competitive and recreational skiing or snowboarding; also aids in post-racing recovery
  • STRONG & SECURE - Fastens securely with extra strong Velcro attachment connectors; high-quality reinforced stitching; made with the highest-grade materials
  • SUPERIOR COMFORT - Breathable double-layer fabric and mesh panels help maintain comfort and reduce moisture; lightweight fit promotes relaxed, natural, and efficient movements during skiing, snowboarding, and physical activity
  • CUSTOM FIT - Dual adjustable elastic straps provide customized compression pressure for back and abdomen; 3 sizes (S, M, L) for ideal fit under ski wear; sizes based on measurement around navel (see description)

Ski Huggy Ski Back Brace – Premium Lower Back Support & Compression for Skiers &



    Brand name : FY Posture


    Manufacturer : FY Posture