• Sizing is based on bodyweight, but upper body/shoulder width is a factor. If you have narrow shoulders, go with a smaller size.
  • Use the FY Posture`s  Bowtie by Spud, Inc. to fix your posture - (NO MORE ROUNDED SHOULDERS!) Rounded shoulders = limited mobility
  • Proper Posture = "Added Size" Gain the illusion of having more muscle by standing up straight
  • Wear it at your desk, while exercising, in your car or even at home while watching TV.
  • Almost anyone can benefit from using the Spud Bowtie....Athletes, gamers, elderly, chiropractic patients, equestrian...

Spud Casual Bowtie Posture Support Brace Corrector No Rounded Shoulders FY Postu

  • ASIN:B01MD1O53E


    Brand Name : FY Posture

    Manufacturer : FY Posture